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Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary
This year we celebrate 10 Years of creating affordable cremation urns and pet urns.  Proud to offer American made cremation urns to our customers...10 Years of quality.
17 mar 15 @ 7:57 am 

New Chestnut Urn Collection
This new collection of cremation urns available in our Human Cremation Urns and Pet Cremation Urn collections. These cremation urns are the same urn styles that are done in our new darker wood urn finish that we proudly call our Chestnut Collection. Any wooden urn on our website can be done in the new darker chestnut finish or in the lighter natural finish. We now carry cremation urn finishes to meet everyone's favorite wood colors.Cremation Urns, Wooden Urns, Human Cremation Urns, Human Urns, Cremation Urns for People, Wood Urns, Urns, Engraved Urns, American Made Urns, Military Urns, Firemen UrnsCremation Urns, Wooden Urns, Pet Cremation Urns, Pet Urns, Cremation Urns for Pets, Wood Urns, Urns, Engraved Urns, American Made UrnsCremation Urns, Wooden Urns, Pet Cremation Urns, Pet Urns, Cremation Urns for Pets, Wood Urns, Urns, Engraved Urns, American Made Urns
21 jun 13 @ 11:22 am 

Impressive Granite Military Cremation Urns
Our new line of Granite Military Cremation Urns are available in Black and White Granite.  They come with a colored military medallion of your choice (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps).  Name, rank and dates for your loved one is engraved for FREE. Check out all of our Military Urns just click on this link Military Cremation Urn, Cremation Urns, Human Urns, Human Cremation Urn, Granite Cremation Urns, Cremation Urns for People, Urns, Urn, Granite Urns
19 feb 13 @ 1:54 pm 

New Granite Fireman Cremation Urns
                                 WCremation Urn, Human Urn, Granite Urn, Granite Cremation Urn, Cremation Urns for People, Urns, Urn, Human Cremation Urnse have a new line of beautiful granite Fireman Urns. These urns are available in Black or White Granite and contain a colored Fire Department Medallion.  You can have engraved for FREE the name, rank and dates, of your loved one.  Check out these new urns at this link 
19 feb 13 @ 1:42 pm 

NEW Photo Engraved Cremation Urns
Photo Engraved Human Cremation UrnYour loved one's photo image is engraved right into this wooden cremation urn, all that is needed is their photo. A truly unique memorial urn. There are 5 cremation urn sizes available and urn engraving is included. We also do photo engraved pet urns.
20 nov 11 @ 7:45 am 

Drastically Reduced Prices on Our Granite Urns and Products

petselectionimage.jpgWe just drastically reduced our urn prices and made our granite cremation urns and memorial items more affordable.  Our granite cremation urns, pet urns, grave markers, plaques, headstones, and memorials not only make perfect memorials but also are priced to make them affordable for everyone's budget.  Call us today at (847) 249-7550, email us at, or check out our huge selection of unique human and pet cremation urns. FREE engraving on all of our granite items.  Also check out our beautiful wooden cremation urns where we also offer custom laser engraving.

26 jun 10 @ 5:36 pm 

New Cremation Urn Styles always being Added - Custom Urn Orders our Speciality

New unique styles are always being added to our human and pet cremation urn catalog.  If you don't see what you are looking for then just call or email us at or (847) 249-7550 and we will be happy to work with you in creating your loved one's memorial cremation urn.  Custom orders are our speciality we are more than happy to provide you with an accurate quote on any speciality order.  Next day rush orders are available.  Contact us today!

14 aug 09 @ 8:52 am 

Motorcycle Cremation Urns a Variety to Choose From
Motorcycle Cremation UrnA great way to memorialize a loved one who enjoyed the thrill of the open road on their motorcycle.  This new motorcycle cremation urn pays tribute to a special part of your loved one's life.  All cremation urn engraving is included in the price you only need to provide us with the unique personalized wording for this memorial urn.  There are a variety of motorcycle urns to choose from and 5 cremation urn sizes available.
14 aug 09 @ 8:38 am 

FREE Shipping and FREE Engraving on All of Our Urns
We always offer FREE Engraving, on all of our Wooden Cremation Urns. 
19 sep 08 @ 8:39 pm 

Granite Plaques Make Beautiful Gifts

Granite Plaque of a CoupleOur Granite Plaques make lovely gifts for any type of occasion.  Perfect as a gift for Graduation, Weddings, Baby Showers, Baby Gifts, Reward Plaques, Anniversaries, Birthday Presents, Retirement Gift, Holiday Gifts, as well as, they make a beautiful memorial that pays tribute to a loved one or special pet that has passed away.  Our granite plaques make great conversation pieces in your home or office, it is a like a special piece of art that you designed for yourself or as a gift for someone dear.  All plaques come with a FREE stand, wire or wood.

19 sep 08 @ 8:27 pm 

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