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Grave Markers, Urns and Headstones ~ Granite is Forever

     Granite grave markers, cremation urns and headstones for graves give families an opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one when picking out a memorial grave marker or a headstone for a grave and a memorial granite cremation urn.  Originally grave markers, urns and headstones for graves were meant to mark or show the final resting place of someone. 
     Now with today's technology, that we have available, you are able to have more than just a name and date engraved into a granite grave marker, cremation urn or headstone.  With laser engraving that we offer, you are able to have artwork and actual photo images beautifully engraved into the actual granite.  You are also able to add wording; such as sentiments or poems to the grave marker or headstone.  We are able to set-up and create the actual memorial you have in mind, allowing you to create a completely custom one-of-a-kind tribute to your loved one.  Contact us to answer any questions and view what we have available to see the possibilities of what we can do for you.  

Granite known as the "Rock of Ages"


More About Our Quality Granite Items

     Granite is the most common material found in cemeteries across America.  There are several types of granite that is used in the industry.  One of the most common granite products you will find in cemeteries is a cheaper granite product.  Due to the lesser amount of density and the porous nature of this granite material, this granite has a tendency of releasing iron from the headstone, thereby leaving iron streaks on the surface of the monument, cremation urns, grave marker or headstone; affecting its quality over time.  The last thing that you want to do is pay to have your loved one's grave marker or headstone monument cleaned after a few years, to restore it back to its original appearance.  This can be very costly.
     At Heritage Urns, we offer only the highest quality granite material in the industry, at affordable prices.  Our granite material is known for its superior quality.  Our granite is higher in density which adds to the quality level of the granite products we offer.  Our granite will remain beautiful year after year.  Granite is known as the "Rock of Ages" able to withstand time and the elements of nature.  Basically you can say Granite is Forever.
     This high quality granite material is used in all of our granite products and memorials.  We specialize in granite grave markers, headstones for graves, granite cremation urns, granite memorial plaques, granite clocks, and granite coasters.  All of our granite items come in a variety of sizes, as well as, affordable prices.  All of our granite items can be used for your family members or pets; we specialize in cremation urns for people and pet cremation urns.
     Free engraving and free standard shipping is also available with all of our granite items.  Simply order on-line, give us a call or email us to assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind memorial for your loved one.  We will always provide you with an engraving proof of the actual engraving set-up, so you will know exactly how your memorial will look, before receiving it.  We will only engrave your granite item once we have your approval that you are completely satisfied with how the engraving proof is set-up.  We promise 100% satisfaction on all of our productsAll engraving is included in the price of the granite item you purchased.