Sample of Engraving Proofs
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     Below you will find examples of a granite engraving proof and underneath you will see an image of that final product.  You will receive an engraving proof like this from us after placing an order, see the bottom photo for an example of what our wooden urn engraving proofs look like.  We provide you with engraving proofs so that you can have a visual of what the exact engraving set up will look like for the item you have purchased.  Should you see an error in a date or the spelling of a name or word you would just let us know so we can correct it.  Also if you would like something else changed in the layout such as the location of an item we can reposition it for you, by just requesting us to do it.  After making any corrections or changes, per your request, we will provide you with another revised engraving proof so that you can confirm that the changes were made according to your instructions.  When you are completely satisfied with what you see, then you just need to give us your approval to go ahead with the actual engraving for the item you have ordered.  We will never engrave anything unless we have approval by you to do so. 
     Our wooden urn proofs are true to final product.  We are showing you the granite before and after, because the granite material once engraved into loses some of it's sharpness, but that is what also what gives our granite urns, markers and plaques a unique look, because the image is actually engraved into the stone rather than just placed on top of the polished granite.  This gives the granite a unique and distinguished character that a perfect photo image cannot do.  Our granite plaques are a very unique way to display a favorite photo image and it will out last any photo...they are sun proof and water proof...they are made of solid black granite. 

Sample of a Granite Proof
Granite Sample Proof
This proof is made from a digital photo provided by customer.

What a Finished Granite Engraving looks like.
Granite Memorial Plaques, Cremation Urns, Cremation Urns for People, Cremation Urns for Pets, Pet Urns, Granite Urns
Final Product with Image Engraved into the Granite Plaque.

Example of a Wooden Urn Engraving Proof
Wooden Urn Engraving Proof, Wood Urn, Human Urns, Pet Urns, Cremation Urns, Cremation Urns for People, Cremation Urns for Humans, Cremation Urns for Pets
Engraving Proofs Provided for All Items on Our Website