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Engraved Human Cremation Urn

Heritage Urns provides Engraved Cremation Urns Handcrafted just for you
We are a company that specializes in handcrafted memorial products and cremation urns.  All the products on our website are 100% American made.  We offer craftsmanship and never want our products to be considered produced by a manufacturer.  There are many other wooden cremation urn sellers out there, but these companies can't even compare to our quality, because their products are mass-produced overseas.  We are proud of our line of memorial cremation urns and proud to say our cremation urns are American made. 

We like to think that our selection of unique cremation urns allow you the opportunity to find a memorial urn that celebrates the life of your loved one.  A cremation urn is the last gift that you will ever purchase for your loved one and we offer you the ability to personalize this gift.  We have many urn styles that depict a tribute urn engraving for both of our lines of cremation urns, for people and our pet cremation urn line.  Our cremation urns allow you to have unique artwork or images engraved onto them that meet exactly what you are looking for.  We have cremation urns ideal for many such as our Military Urns, Firemen Urns and Policeman Urns.  We have cremation urns for all the interests in someone's life such as our line of Motor Cycle Urns, Fishing Urns and Hunting Urns to our popular photo urns, that hold your loved one's photograph.  We have beautifully engraved cremation urns where we can engrave poems or sentiment wording.  We allow you the opportunity to personalize an urn that celebrates and pays tribute to your loved one's life. 

At Heritage Urns, we are creating a special, one-of-a kind piece of unique art for your family member.  At Heritage Urns, the engraved cremation urn that is being created for your special family member will be made personally, by woodworking craftsmen, and we promise we will take the time to see that your cremation urn is made perfect, right down to the last detail.  Your human cremation urn or pet urn will be guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind memorial to your loved one.  We also specialize in a fine line of wood urns and granite pet urns.

We are proud to state that all our wooden cremation urns with engraving are crafted with only top-of-the-line wood, and by the best craftsmen in the country, we create our human cremation urns and pet cremation urns with the utmost respect to your loved one.  We can proudly say that our all our wooden cremation urns and memorial items are and will always be 100% American Made.

Our local craftsmen, know you want a top quality product that has been given the utmost attention to detail and workmanship, as well as, respect in crafting your loved one's cremation urn.  Time is not only taken in hand-selecting each piece of hardwood used, but each part of your cremation urn with engraving is individually handmade, inspected, stained, and then put together, by hand.  This not only makes it a top-quality, handcrafted wood cremation urn, but a special, unique, and a one-of-a-kind wooden cremation urn. 

We also offer beautiful artistic top-quality laser engraving, that enables you to make your one-of-a-kind wood human cremation urn or pet urn with engraving, even more special and unique with many options to personalize it, as a memorial or tribute, to your loved one.  We choose to use laser engraving because we are able to provide you with the realistic detail, especially when having one of your photographs engraved into the wooden urn.  You are also able to have engraved, into the wood urn, your loved ones name and dates, all of our granite urns and wood cremation urn series provide you with this option, at no additional cost, yes, it's free.  We have other options also available to allow you to personalize your wooden cremation urn, to be as special and unique as your loved one and included in the urn's price.  If we don't quite have what you are looking for, we are more than happy to work with you in creating what you desire, just give us a call or e-mail us.

Even with all the special attention put into making our granite urns or wood cremation urns we promise a fast turn-around time.  As soon as, you place your order we begin to personally make your granite or wood cremation urn and you will have your engraved cremation urn in about 10 days or less, most times even sooner.  We can also do rush orders and offer next day and 2nd day express shipping, if necessary, we understand the importance of receiving your cremation urn, as soon as possible, and in a timely manner.  We now carry a new line of granite memorial items.  This new line of granite cremation urns, grave stones and memorial plaques are also 100% American made, the same as our fine line of wooden cremation urns for both your family and pets.

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Memory Clock Cremation Urn

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Photo Pet Urn

We Promise...
  • To maintain the highest quality standards, for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To get your order to you, as soon as possible.
  • To provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We thank you for your time, in checking out Heritage Urns unique selection of human cremation urns and pet cremation urns.  We take great pride in the quality craftsmanship, that is put into each human cremation urn and pet urn we offer.  We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied, that we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, on every solid wood cremation urn we offer.